Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Greetings and a very Happy New Year

Time goes so quickly. I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner and 2012 will be soon coming to an end. This year has been a roller-coaster ride for me and because of this, the world of magic, I believe, is better for that. I don't want this to come across as a review of my year, which might make me sound as if I'm boasting about my unmatched talent and incredible achievements, but nevertheless, here goes.

I'll start with Christmas, which was really last year, since Christmas 2012 has not quite arrived yet (for those still not sure,  I'm talking about Christmas 2011, although I'm not sure if it counts as part of a review of the year). Not only did I get a chance to perform at my very first Christmas gig, something that has never happened in the 40 years that I've been performing, but, little did I know, that I had just signed my ticket to the big time. This was because that in February I got my first repeat booking at the same venue - more on that later.

Anyway, in January I was booked to perform at a Rotary Club Variety Night. This was a very special and prestigious 'for one night only' event, and I topped the bill. I won't go in to the details here as that would be in bad taste and not really relevant to this short review, suffice to say that I was on top form that night, although I do apologise to the man who was wearing a toupee - I really didn't know and it was a genuine mistake. Oh, and to the lady with the wristwatch. It was a cheap Sekonda, so it wasn't too bad after all and, if you think about it, I probably did you a favour in the long run.

The repeat booking (spoken of earlier) meant that I had, at long last, turned professional and joined the ranks of the top flight entertainers. I can't tell you how elated I was when the phone call came inviting me for a return visit. My first repeat booking! This meant everything to my already blossoming career. The performance was to take place on Valentine's night no less. What a great night it was too; couples in love, fell in love with David Lemezmer (I mean my magic).

An Easter performance followed. Tricks with eggs always go down well... although the cost of dry cleaning, after the egg broke and went down my suit, was horrendous. Fortunately, this incident didn't dampen the spirits of those wanting to see more Lemezmer magic, although one or two critics were, shall we say, bad eggs.

During May, I was booked to perform at Mowsley Village Fête and Craft Fair. It was a disappointing turn out, but this can easily be blamed on bad management - even the car park had not been cleared of dangerous cobbles, causing me to stumble and pull a muscle in my leg. I doubt I'll be performing for them next year until some of my concerns are cleared up (along with the dangerous stones). However, they have yet to respond to my two page letter, detailing the changes that I would expect next time.

Next up though was a real opportunity for me to shine - the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration.  I admit that I was caught a little off guard as I was invited to stay over and perform a trick the following day for them, something that I hadn't planned for. However, I cunningly cut the finale from my act and performed it the next day for them. I don't think they noticed. Also, I really should take this opportunity to apologise to those in attendance, especially to parents with children, about the unfortunate incident with my underpants. Once again, it was a genuine mistake.

Despite the underpants hiccup, it was a truly great performance and in September I was invited to perform at a special variety show. This went really well, although I admit to being slightly embarrassed when I accidentally knocked over my finale, The Vase of Plenty, but I suppose it was a colourful display! I also remember that the compère for the evening, despite giving me a excellent (and worthy, I might add) introduction, was rather rude at the end. I still haven't been paid for this event.

Anyway, that brings me on to the present and the name of David Lemezmer continues to grow stronger every day. I have been booked for a wedding! My very first booking of this type. I know many professional magicians take on wedding bookings because they are very lucrative, but I have never been approached until just a couple of weeks ago. So, next Saturday, at 2pm prompt, just like last Valentine's night, I will be performing my magic for a couple in love (and their guests, who may or may not be in love, I don't know). I'm really looking forward to this particular chapter in my career. Perhaps this is the start of something big. I will be grabbing this amazing opportunity with two big hands - not that my hands are particularly big, but you get the metaphor. I am also quite sure that, as the wedding is on December 22nd, I can chalk this one up to not only being a wedding performance, but also as my second successive year being booked up for Christmas. I'll think that it would be prudent to add this wedding gig as two separate events to my burgeoning résumé.

Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks for being a very small part of my year and may I take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, and I'm sure that you wish the same to me too.

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