Thursday, 29 March 2012

Into the valley... and back out again!

Well, I've begun to explore some of the options that the interweb offers to a VERY SUCCESSFUL professional magician, like myself, to enhance my profile. My first 'toe in the water' was a Facebook account - you can follow me by typing my name into Facebook - it's the top result, naturally!

It has been a bit of an up and down sort of week for me. For us professional magicians, the warm weather usually means more bookings, as impromptu outdoor parties are organised and people want quick-fix entertainment. Even though my diary has been empty for a few weeks now, except for some fake bookings (you know who you are), I have been unable to garner such engagements.
However, despite that small setback, the legal action against me, by Universal Studios, seems to have been resolved reasonably amicably. We have come to a mutual agreement that performances in the near future will be accompanied by a statement of apology for my unfortunate oversight in using the Universal logo at my recent engagements.

Into the valley, and out again… and promptly back in again…

Sadly, I have had, this morning, at long last (may I remind them that I sent that letter early February), a response from Pearl and Dean in relation to my brilliant idea of having paid advertising at performances for the mutual benefit of us both. This has, unfortunately, been rejected by the company. Apparently Pearl and Dean want to continue in cinema advertising, which they say is quite lucrative for them. If they only knew the sort of revenue a David Lemezmer special would generate, then they might reconsider! They also say that they are not in a position to honour my invoice that I forwarded, mentioning that they had not sanctioned my decision to include such advertising in the first instance and had no such contract with me. To add the final nail in the coffin for me to ever work with them again - which I won’t, even if they begged me to - they asked that I not associate the Pearl and Dean name to any of my future personal activities – unbelievable! Some people will not acknowledge that they’re on to a good thing if it comes up and bites them!

Out of the valley once more…

Apparently, Martin Fissure has requested that I do a short magic act on Easter Sunday morning for the good folk at Fenlands Church. This will be the third engagement with them and it truly is an honour for them to have me perform at their special celebration service. I spoke with Jonathon, a member of the church, who mentioned that Martin was keen to book a magic act, but all local magicians that he had tried were fully booked. In desperation they have turned to me, which I think speaks volumes about my ability to adapt to situations – when others might let you down, I am dependable (except on Monday’s – it’s a difficult day for me). Jonathon said that Martin had missed the Valentine's evening show (his loss), but he’s in for a real treat – an Easter treat - with my special blend of egg-citing magic, 'choc' full of mystery into the bargain. I’m looking forward to seeing the folk once again. Please make a point of being there… please.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Just got back from a 50 mile round trip from Wigston to Atherstone for a supposed Dinner and Dance booking - there isn't even an Audley Road in Atherstone. Two words spring to mind, 'wild goose chase'.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bogus bookings

Was booked to perform at a children's birthday party yesterday evening. When I got to the venue, the doors were closed and locked. This has now happened 3 times in as many weeks. I'm beginning to suspect that I might be the subject of a bogus booker.