Official Publicity photograph
Loughborough Times, August 22, 2009

Appearance on Britain's Got Talent, Birmingham, 2010

I had 10,000 of these printed. To date (March 21, 2012) I have given away 5 (2 were found later that evening, on the floor outside the venue). A little disappointing, maybe, but it's a start. You know what they say, "Great big sycamores from tiny little acorns do grow."

Captivating my audience - Christmas 2011
  Fenlands Church - Easter 2012

   An Easter themed trick at an Easter show - Fenlands Church 2012
 Meeting Martin Fissure of Fenlands Church. This is the man responsible for my Easter 2012 repeat booking.
Now where did I put those instructions?
I eventually found them underneath the can on top of my volunteers head!
 They were telling me that something had gone awry, but I wasn't quite sure what!

One of the more embarrassing moments of my career. I wanted to do a rope trick and gave specific instructions for the set-up to a backstage assistant. I guess I should have double checked the rope lengths myself though. The second piece of rope should have been a foot in length, but the rope was quite long, eventually getting caught on and bringing out my underpants - in full view of the audience! I was a little red faced, but the audience were delighted.
A trick for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Although I wrote and asked nicely, the palace would not allow me to borrow the Queen's coronation crown, so I had to make do with a plywood version.
Another royal connection is that I like to think of myself as 'The King of Magic'.

A mock-up of my autobiography cover. I spent a small sum of money getting this designed but I believe that the publishing house, when I find one, will be thrilled when they find out that all the jacket design work is already complete.