Sunday, 16 September 2012

Back with a BANG!

Last night was my first booking since Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee celebrations back in June, and it went with a bang! Quite literally in fact, as I went and accidentally knocked over my showpiece trick, 'Vase of Plenty'! The bang was the sound it made as it hit the table and I must confess that the colourful cascade of beads, balls and handkerchiefs was a little embarrassing. I had been practising this effect for well over a month (on and off), which, as some know, is quite unlike me, but I really wanted this to be a real highlight of my show and have people of all ages talking the world over about the magic of David Lemezmer. Sadly, I have seen one or two postings on Twitter this morning mentioning this unfortunate incident and thirty-seven retwits of these postings already. Taking consolation from this, I suppose it means that the world is talking about the magic of David Lemezmer, and that can only be a good thing. Anyway, that unfortunate incident aside, I believe that the show went rather well, although I doubt the gentleman with the newspaper will thank me - another story, another time.

I quite liked the compere, at the beginning anyway, as he gave me a fantastic introduction, quite fitting for a magician of my calibre (although, let me point out that I have never been involved with the X-Factor). Unfortunately, I am sure he got a cheap, below the belt, laugh at my expense at the end, just as I was leaving - completely unprofessional. I was going to stick around and watch the other acts on the card, but after his cruel jibe, I decided to just leave the venue after that - hopefully they'll send me my cheque in the post.

One of the surprise decisions of the organisers was the fact that I wasn't top-of-the-bill. Being the headline act was something I had assumed would naturally be the case, judging by the wording of an e-mail communication of the booking confirmation that I had received. I can only think that an error with their computer software was to blame. The first I knew of it was a programme being thrust into my hand as I arrived, which I glanced at as I was being hastily led to a sparse, but unusually warm, dressing room. I tried to bring the error to the attention of the organising committee, but alas, there was no time to change the arrangement.

Anyway, once again, a very successful performance that, despite a couple of glitches, can only reinforce the David Lemezmer name as being synonymous with top-class entertainment.

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