Sunday, 7 July 2013

Looking for sponsorship

Last week, the postman brought me a brand new magic catalogue. Well, when I say that the postman brought it, I don't mean that literally. It wasn't actually from the postman, he just posted it through my door. It was actually from Davenports Magic in London. It is quite a bumper catalogue full of exciting magic props. Unfortunately, work has been a little sparse recently and, to be absolutely frank and honest with you, I don't really have the funds to purchase some of the more exciting effects in that wonderful catalogue ready for my next performance. I hate going over old ground and performing the same tired routines that other magicians tend to do. I like to be fresh in my performances and always include new things that have not been seen before.

That said, the lack of funds has meant that I have been forced to consider rehashing old effects. However, it dawned on me that I might be able to procure some new funding in the form of sponsorship. Many TV shows are taking advantage of sponsorship these days and I wondered if that could be transferred to my magic show. Given the immense popularity of the David Lemezmer name you might have thought that prospective sponsors would be queuing up for a chance to have their brand associated with me. Apparently, it doesen't really work like that and it is up to me to go out and find those sponsors that would be willing to jump at the opportunity of working with me. I have tried it before and it can be a lot of work. In the past I have approached Universal Studios (granted, it was after the fact), Pearl & Dean and Rug-Doctor. All these have opposed my request, although Rug-Doctor was really nice about it and wanted to hear a bit more about my proposals (I've never got around to replying to them). This week, I am intending to send off letters to McDonalds, Michelin Tyres, Duracell, Coca Cola, Adidas, Lucozade and Costa. I am asking them to pay for my effects in return for some light advertising. Let's see what happens.

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