Monday, 25 June 2012

A Happy, Quality Birthday to me.

Just a short blog post this morning as today is my birthday and I am due out for a meal at lunchtime. I'm not one for boasting, but I am now in my 60th year! Happy birthday to me! Sixty years old, with forty of those years spent performing QUALITY professional magic! Who would have believed that? I looked up the word 'quality' in my thesaurus and it gave several synonyms for it, all of which could apply to my magic - here are just some: advantage; betterment; enhancement; enrichment; excellence; extravagance; genius; luxury; merit; peculiarity; virtue. That's enough for now, there were plenty more that I could run off, but you get the general idea. I particularly like the 'genius' one, which I think sums my magical abilities up rather well.

My kitchen is almost finished, just in time for my special celebration (I know what the Queen felt like recently when celebrating her Diamond Jubilee). Just need Paul to finish a bit of tiling, and to obtain and fit another drawer handle to one of the cupboards.

My wife kindly bought me a book from a charity shop that she thought would suit me. The book is called 'Card Tricks without Skill' by a chap called Paul Clive. Not quite sure what he was thinking with the title though, as I have already tried out thirteen of the tricks and found eleven of those just far too difficult to perform.

That's all for now. I've got to go and prepare for my family meal.

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