Saturday, 28 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee and more important celebrations

I have been asked to perform at a show for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, which take place this year. This is quite an honour for me. Unfortunately, this does mean that now I have been booked in advance, and the booking properly confirmed (I'm not going down that route again), if Buckingham Palace want a private magic show for Her Majesty, then I'm afraid they're out of luck - perhaps some lesser magician might be able to squeeze them in, but they'd better be quick as professional magicians, such as myself, will be in high demand for this event. That said, I've sent a résumé of my magical achievements to Buckingham Palace for careful consideration for this and any future events.

Anyway, I'm really feeling good about this booking. It's an opportunity to enlarge and broaden the appeal of my magic. People will know that by attaching my name, David Lemezmer, to an event (preferably top-of-the-bill, please), whether that be a corporate event, charity event or public event (or even a private party for that matter), will guarantee a successful outcome and first class magical entertainment for all. Please consider booking me, please.

Actually, a little known fact, which I want you all to be made aware of, is that my birthday falls in the same month as the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. Even more bizarre is that it is my 60th birthday too - I was born in the same year that the Queen acceded to the throne, so it's a double celebration this June! By the way, it is the 25th for those interested in buying me a nice present.

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